World’s first robot controlled, 3D-printed bridge heralds new age of design

The Dutch company behind the magnificent solar roadwayHeijmans, and robot designers MX3D are collaborating on a bridge which will be built by robots, that will cross an Amsterdam canal. 

This will usher in a new era of design, and will be the first project of its kind. According to the Heijmans site:

Heijmans collaborates on the 3D printing of a steel bridge that will be located in the centre of Amsterdam. The project was initiated by Dutch start-up MX3D. Heijmans will contribute its knowledge of and experience in construction and technology to print the bridge. The bridge is designed by Dutch designer Joris Laarman.

The collaboration is the next example of Heijmans’ innovative way of building the ‘spatial contours of tomorrow’. As Innovation is essential in order to realise sustainable and effective solutions. The MX3D-project being a natural step for Heijmans in realising a more automatic construction site.Thanks to ICT and robotics new possibilities arise in the area of design, use of materials, logistics and safety.


The exact location for the project has not been announced, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it here at MyGoodPlanet. In the meantime, here’s how they plan to do it:

Colin J McCracken

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