Adidas launch shoe entirely made from ocean plastic

Adidas have launched a new line of footwear formed from recycled plastic waste, recovered from the ocean.

Adidas teased a prototype last year, which has led to the more recent development.


The shoes have been designed to impact climate change, as well as reducing ocean waste, which is reaching hitherto unseen proportions.

As reported in Global Citizen.

Partnering with Parley for the Oceans, a non-profit committed to reducing plastic waste in the oceans, Adidas developed a finished product earlier this year with 95% ocean plastic recovered from near the Maldives. 

And the shoe isn’t just a gimmick. It represents real change for the brand.

Soon, 7,000 pairs of the “UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley” will be on sale for $220 each. In 2017, the brand aims to produce 1 million pairs of the sneakers from more than 11 million plastic bottles. Eventually, Adidas strives to eliminate virgin plastic from its supply chain altogether and hopes to expand its plastic cultivation to much more of its product line. 

As Adidas notes on the product page, the shoes are “ spinning the problem into a solution. The threat into a thread.”

World Report Now added further details of the association that Adidas have struck up with their ecologically focused partners.

In 2006, a report issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization suggested that there were at least 46,000 bits of plastic floating across the ocean for every square mile.

Plastic debris pollution is so harmful to marine life that it can kill 100,000 marine animals each year along with more than a million birds, UN researchers claim. Nevertheless, these numbers are only estimates and no one really knows how severe the situation really is.

Adidas’ concept shoe was revealed by the founder of Parley for the Oceans during an annual event hosted by the U.N. Details on the prototype were provided by Eric Liedtke of Adidas.

The gillnets that were used to design the shoe were fished by a partner of the Parley for the Oceans which followed from safe distance a poaching vessel for more than 100 days. The chase was finally over off the coast of West Africa, where authorities caught the poachers and gillnets were confiscated.

The conservationist group revealed last week that the new sneakers were designed to raise public awareness on ocean pollution and insert the topic in future climate change talks.

“Our objective is to boost public awareness and to inspire new collaborations that can contribute to protect and preserve the oceans,”

the conservationist group’s founder said.

Parley for the Oceans also said that they were “extremely proud” to have Adidas in the team and use its creative potential to boost the partnership and prove the world that you can create “cool stuff” from ocean trash.

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