Take 60 seconds to see the world through the eyes of an aid worker

The Save The Children charity have launched a powerful 60 second clip to show what the life of an aid worker consists of.

In the short, but resonant clip it outlines the physical and mental struggle which people face in all manner of environments which have been afflicted by poverty, famine or war. It may be a gritty watch, but this is something which the charity felt was essential to get across the central message.

The work Save the Children does on the ground is dangerous, hard, and frightening but that is what it takes to reach the children ignored by governments, ostracized by society, and stuck in extreme poverty. Save the Children workers are out there right now doing all of this in countries over the world.” – adam&eve DDB joint managing director Mat Goff

Every Last Child 1

From Save The Children:

Will you help us reach every last child?

The world has made incredible progress for children over the last 25 years – malnutrition is down and more children are in school. But that progress hasn’t been fair. Millions of children have been forgotten.

Forgotten because they live on the street or discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity or disability.

If we are ever going to end extreme poverty, these are the children we must reach now.

Colin J McCracken

Colin J McCracken is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the online platform, content and presence of the project.

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