Alan Alda shares inspirational message upon revealing Parkinson’s diagnosis

Alan Alda, bestselling author, actor and podcast host, has shared his thoughts following a public reveal that he is battling Parkinson’s Disease. 

Making the announcement on CBS News, Alan Alda had a very simple statement relating to his diagnosis; “I’m not angry,‘ said the actor.

Despite being affected by the neurodegenerative disorder, Alda maintains an active and full lifestyle, something which he encourages others, who may find themselves in a similar situation, to do.

“It hasn’t stopped my life at all. I’ve had a richer life than I’ve had up until now,”

According to a report by NPR, Alda began noticing visible signs of the condition when he watched himself on television (as part of recent roles and performances). “I could see my thumb twitch in some shots, and I thought it’s probably only a matter of time before somebody does a story about this from a sad … point of view.” Alda was certain that he did not want the media to control the narrative, or put a morose, or negative spin on the situatuion: “That’s not where I am.”

If you get a diagnosis, keep moving!” – Alan Alda

Alda since took to social media to emphasise the positive stance which he is taking on the events.

It was a series of events known as ‘weird dream syndrome‘ which raised the alarm for Alda. In an increasing series of peculiar instances, he had been acting out his dreams in real life, which can be an early indicator of the condition. “I was having a dream that someone was attacking me and I threw a sack of potatoes at him, but what I was really doing was throwing a pillow at my wife,” Alda stated.

Since the interview, Alda has been posting links on his Twitter page to a range of articles and information sources, where people can find out more about the subject.

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