Amazon Deforestation Project is imminent

Amazon deforestation and the decimation of the rainforests is one of the greatest environmental catastrophes facing the world today.

Amazon deforestation has increased to such a rate that almost 20 per cent of the overall forest cover has disappeared in the past 40 years.


One of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet is at constant risk from developers, miners and loggers.

Thankfully, the Brazilian government may be about to place some additional, and well needed, focus on the ongoing deforestation which is decimating the area.

Motherboard from VICE reported that:

“Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment has promised to restore almost 30,000 hectares—or 73 million trees—of the rainforest by 2023 in an $8 million joint initiative with international agencies like the World Bank and Conservation International.

“The Amazon plays a critical role in global climate regulation as well as in the region’s environmental and economic prosperity, and is the larger biodiversity repository on the planet,” said Naoko Ishii, the CEO of the Global Environment Facility, one of the initiative partners, in a statement.

It’s true that what happens with the Amazon will play a large part in determining the environmental health of the entire region, not just the rainforest. The rainforest soaks up 600 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. And the water released into the atmosphere through the plants in the rainforest, as well into the rivers and eventually oceans, is crucial to regulating the weather patterns, like seasonal rain. Scientists have said deforestation practices, like logging and burning, could worsen droughts in nearby cities like Sao Paolo.”

The Amazon Rainforest contains some of the rarest and most endangered species of animal, bird, insect and plant in existence. Its maintenance and survival is not only a desire, it’s a necessity.



Colin J McCracken

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