Ancient Wonder Colossus of Rhodes to be rebuilt?

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World could be making a resurgence in modern times, as a group of engineers have proposed a hugely ambitious and exciting endeavor which could spell a huge turnaround for the Greek economy.

The 100 ft, bronze statue once stood proudly over the Greek city of Rhodes, which is located on an island of the same name, but was destroyed by a massive earthquake in 226BC. Its reputation, however, became the stuff of legend, evoking images of the mighty gods once worshipped in Greece. The statue depicted Helios, Titan-god of the sun who was the chilld of the Titan Hyperion and the Titaness Theia. Originally commissioned by Chares of Lindos to celebrate a victory over an attempted  invasion of Cypriot troops, it was a true marvel of the age.

Standing majestically over the waterways and port of Rhodes, the statue’s remains continued to serve as a tourist attraction for almost one thousand years after it fell. It was with the arrival of an army, under the command of Muawiyah (a Muslim leader who established the Umayyad Dynasty of the caliphate), which served as the death knell for the statue in the 7th Century, as it was carted away to Arabia, reportedly on the backs of 900 camels. Subsequent claims have been made regarding remnants of the statue being found, but none were ever proven or verified.

But the past glory of the city may be reborn if this small group of passionate engineers, architects and archaeologists manage to get their dream off the ground (and into the heavens). Their version of the Colossus would stand five times higher, gazing over the seas from 500 ft in the air.

The project, which is described as being a way to lift Greece out of its economic limbo, following a series of devastating economical collapses over the past 7 years, is described on their website as follows:

The idea of building a contemporary Colossus of Rhodes begun to arise in the ideas of some young professionals, after the break out of the economic crisis in Greece. As unemployment rose and destroyed dreams and ambitions of a whole generation, they tried to work together for a common purpose. Their main task was to make Rhodes a new point of reference for the whole world, to follow a new path and find a solution to the issues that caused such a big sorrow to thousands of people, forced to flee abroad.

The interior of the statue would also contain several areas of interest for tourists, which would make this one of Greece’s most desirable and intriguing new tourist destinations. If successful, this could have hugely positive effects on the country. See below for more information on the proposed construction.


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