Baby sea turtles get military escort into the sea

These baby sea turtles were given a great shot at life this week when they received a military escort from the Colombian Navy.

The Olive ridley sea turtle, which is also known as the Pacific ridley sea turtle, is a vulnerable species, meaning that its existence is under threat.

Baby Sea Turtles 1

Abandoned by their mothers from birth, the baby sea turtles must undergo the dangerous journey from their nests to the sea alone. Up until now that is, for as part of a conservation initiative, the Colombian Government has enlisted the help of these unlikely bodyguards for the tiny creatures.

Colombia's Navy provides an armed response whenever the baby sea turtles hatch
Colombia’s Navy provides an armed response whenever the baby sea turtles hatch

The baby turtles are no bigger than the palm of a human hand, leaving them at risk to many factors.


The turtles face threat upon the 20 meter journey to the shore from dogs, poachers, the weather, crabs and birds, meaning that the odds of survival are often stacked against them.


The photographs were taken by Victoria Kellaway, co-author of the bestselling satire Colombia a comedy of errors , who followed the navy as they rescued and assisted the tiny baby sea turtles on El Almejal beach, near Bahia Solano in Chocó.


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