German startup Blogfabrik offers a workspace for freelancers in exchange for content

Blogfabrik is an innovative, collaborative working space based in Berlin, Germany which offers freelancers a place to work, network and develop their skills. In return for this privilege, all they have to do is contribute content to the in-house publication Daily Bread Mag.

It’s a fantastic concept which provides the freelancers with access to a photography studio, meeting rooms and event spaces for exhibitions and similar gatherings. Now approaching its first birthday (the space opened in June 2015), the coworking space also provides extra freelancing opportunities through its partner company Kiosk.

Christoph Neumann -
Christoph Neumann –

Claudio Rimmele, creative director and editor-in-chief of DailyBreadMag spoke with Fast Company about the work they do in association with Blogfabrik:

“We explore [the freelancers’] abilities and skills with the magazine to see if someone is really talented at taking pictures, writing, or designing graphics. Then we feel confident about connecting our freelancers with incoming jobs from outside companies.”



This innovative system is one which could be adapted anywhere around the world, and could be used in the development and growth of any number of practices from charity organizations to media outlets. With more and more people working on a freelance basis and continuing study into the area proving that it can be massively beneficial to have a team of freelancers as opposed to strictly using full-time employees, setups such as this could be massively beneficial on all fronts.

For many freelancers who work from home, one of the most difficult aspects is the ability to network in real-life scenarios. This could genuinely revolutionise the process, ushering in new possibilities for creatives in all fields.

If you would like to find out more info, you can keep up to date with Blogfabrik on Facebook and Instagram.

Colin J McCracken

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