Chance The Rapper donates €1m to public schools

Chance The Rapper is no stranger to good deeds.

Only last week, the Chicago rapper provided a whole day’s worth of free screenings at a Chicago movie theater.

The screenings were for Jordan Peele’s new socially aware horror movie, Get Out, which Chance felt was worth taking in on a grand scale.

A few days later, Chance The Rapper met with the Illinois governor Bruce Rauner to discuss the state of Chicago’s public schools.


Following this, a press conference was announced, which took place yesterday (March 6th) at 2 p.m Central time at Wescott Elementary School, located at 409 W. 80th St. Chicago. It was broadcast live via Chance’s Instagram page.

At the event, Chance announced that he was going to donate a million Dollars to assist in funding Chicago’s public school system.

Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positions,” he said at the press conference.


According to Pitchfork:

The announcement follows his meeting with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner last week, where they discussed public education and other “important issues affecting” the city of Chicago and Illinois as a whole. Immediately following the meeting, Chance expressed his frustration, saying, “It went a little different than it should have,” and that he was given vague answers when speaking with the governor. At the press conference, he reiterated that Gov. Rauner gave him “vague” answers, and shouted, “Gov. Rauner, do your job!” Watch the press conference below.

Chance has also updated his website with a link to support Chicago Public Schools. Learn more here. Read “Charting Chance the Rapper’s Unsigned Success,” as well as Chance’s foreword to Kevin Coval’s A People’s History of Chicago on the Pitch.

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