WATCH: How a new generation of Chinese women are redefining their place in society

Chinese culture is undergoing a great deal of change at present.

The infamous ‘One Child’ policy is being phased out which is giving the thousands of ‘ghost children’ identities after years of living in the shadows. The governmental hold on the family is being loosened but, as children are legally bound to respect their elders, there is still a regime of control which exists in the familial structure. Despite all of this, a generation of women are now trying to eradicate another outdated and sexist concept; that of the ‘leftover woman’.

Any woman over the age of 25 is viewed as ‘leftover’ in Chinese culture. The impetus is on marriage and having babies, with parents gathering in ‘marriage markets’ to match up suitable offspring. For some young women, this is simply not what they want and, as 21st century ideals begin to permeate the culture, they are realising that they they can choose their own destinies, despite the stigma that accompanies such a choice.

In this moving and enlightening short film, created by the Japanese beauty company SK II, some of the personal stories are shared by those who refuse to be called ‘leftover’.

Colin J McCracken

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