Costa Rica to ban all single use plastics by 2021

Costa Rica are making moves to eradicate plastic pollution within the next few years.

In a bid to reduce the blight of plastic pollution, the country has pledged to outlaw all single use plastics by 2021.


Like India, Costa Rica has already taken great measures to reverse the effects of deforestation. Now they are set to outlaw a range of single-use plastics from supermarkets, fast food restaurants and cafes.

According to My Modern Met:

Plastic lids, coffee stirrers, and disposable cutlery are all on the chopping block in the Central American country as it aims to move toward being a carbon neutral nation. When you consider that 4,000 tons of solid waste is produced in the country per year, and 20% of that never makes it to a recycling center or landfill—ending up in rivers, on beaches, and in forests—it’s a necessary action.

Costa rica beach

The Costa Rica News ran a recent interview which outlined the alternatives being examined:

The solution was developed by Daniela Palomo, José Eduardo Castro and Sebastián Hernández, Chemistry students at the Universidad de Costa Rica and it won the Fair of Entrepreneurship, Development, and Innovation, held at that educational center right at the end of 2016.

After evaluating several ideas, they decided to work on cellulose acetate, a modified product obtained out of the cellulose extracted from plants, especially from yucca starch and chitin out of the exoskeleton of shrimps. Among its main characteristics are the abilities to avoid burns and the acceleration of the crop ripping process. Likewise, the plastic bag contains a pesticide to be gradually dosed.

Costa Rica is committed to reinventing their image as an environmental forerunner. Recent cleanliness awards have been given to several of the beaches in the country. With these new measures tackling plastic waste, there may be a much brighter future ahead.

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