Doctor restores sight to over 100,000 people

A Doctor in Nepal has gained a reputation as a modern day miracle worker, having restored sight to over 100,000 people in need.

Known affectionately as the ‘God of Sight’, Dr. Sanduk Ruit created the Tilganga Eye Centre in 1994. The centre, which receives over 2,500 visitors every single week, waives fees for those who cannot afford to pay. This magnanimous and kindly gesture has meant the world of difference to legions of afflicted people, who would have lived their lives in darkness, had it not been for Dr. Ruit’s selfless acts of kindness.

In a recent New York Times feature it was declared that there are 39 million people worldwide who are suffering from blindness, with another 246 million (according to World Health Organization figures). Dr. Ruit’s microsurgery technique, known as the ‘Nepal Method’ is so revolutionary that it is now being taught in American Medical schools.

He charges a mere $25 per patient and the procedure is almost always successful.

For a full report, check out the video below.

(Video courtesy of the New York Times)

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