Dutch authorities protect citizens’ privacy with drone hunting eagles

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With the ubiquitous presence of drones in our skies, security becomes a factor. Whilst the hovering gadgets are great fun, even revolutionising the way films are made, their uncontrolled use has caused a rise in privacy fears, especially due to the availability of cheaper models.


Several cases of drone destruction have been reported in the media during recent months, with the weapon of choice ranging from t-shirts to shotguns, including the story of one man who was not impressed by the gadget spying on his teenage daughter as she sunbathed in their garden.

Dutch authorities have acknowledged the problem and have been dealing with it in a unique, and frankly awesome, manner. Expert falconers have been called in to use their skills to train eagles to take down rogue drones. Eagles, like most birds of prey, are incredibly intelligent and can be taught to catch almost anything. By simply setting their sights on the mechanical menace, they are able to….well, check out the video below!

Video Courtesy Of Mashable News

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