French-Tunisian Artist eL-Seed creates ‘Project of Peace’

eL Seed, a 34-year-old French-Tunisian Artist has established himself as one of finest contemporary street artists with his evocative murals which fuse modern tropes with traditional Arabic calligraphy; a style which he has termed ‘calligraffiti‘.

el seed 1

His work has been appearing all over the world, including staple pieces in Cairo, Qatar and Tunisia.

“In every work that I create, I write messages with my style of Arabic calligraphy. I make sure those messages are relevant to the place where I am painting but have this universal dimension, so anybody around the world can relate to it.”


His intricate and striking compositions are unarguably unique and add both flare and vibrancy to the environments in which they are placed.

2Guelalla_Tunisia WEB2

eL-Saad has just given his first TED Talk, in which he describes his latest work; ‘Project of Peace’

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