Globetops upcycle old laptops and give them to those who need them most

Globetops, an exciting new charitable programme, is making huge differences to people’s lives the world over, thanks to an innovative and admirable format and ethos.

Globetops describe themselves as being different from “your traditional donation-based charity. Globetops is an online community creating a whole new paradigm. It is redefining recycling, being creative about what we do with our waste.”

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“It’s not a corporate philanthropy program. It is a network of people providing for people and being provided for. It is an exploration of the human desire for connection and a harmony of resources. Fueled by a collection of individuals taking on something bigger than themselves, Globetops is dissolving the divide between giver and receiver so that all that is left is one.”

Jill Robi of Unite 4 Good Magazine recently spoke with Globetops CEO Becky Morrison, who told her that what struck her most about [her first donation] was how simply putting an unused computer in a suitcase and bringing it to Guinea was going to have a life-altering impact on somebody.

“I remember bringing one of the first Globetops computers to a woman named Mariama Bangoura. She is a powerhouse who doesn’t need anybody’s help. When I was finally able to present her with a laptop, the best way to describe her face was shock, then pure joy,” added Morrison. “Her reaction was both humbling and beautiful.”

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On their Official Website, Globetops give some staggering facts referring to our flippant relationship with our technology:

Roughly 220 million tons of old computers and other tech hardware are trashed in the United States every year. 50% of those computers are in good working order. That’s 110 million tons of useful computer hardware wasted.

What if each of those computers ended up not in a landfill, but in the hands of someone who needed one? What kind of future would we create if we made the unused, usable again? If we provided people across the globe the opportunity for connection, exploration, and the empowerment of their ideas.

As part of the Jill Robi Interview, Morrisson added: “[Globetops] reinforces the notion that we’re all connected. We may wear different clothes and live in different environments, but at our core we’re all one. This is meant to give a sense of geography, and share experiences with people from different countries. It’s important because it helps create social responsibility. We have to get that we’re all connected, and take care of each other.”

The process is simple. Go to the website. Fill out some details. Send your old broken laptop off in the mail and that’s it! You’ve just changed somebody’s life for the better.

Colin J McCracken

Colin J McCracken is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the online platform, content and presence of the project.

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