Irish green buses due as early as 2018

The National Transport Authority (NTA) of Ireland will be making an encouraging announcement tomorrow.

Irish green buses have long been seen around Dublin city, as well as rural areas. Now, however, it’s not just the exteriors which will be green.

To adhere to EU guidelines and reduce carbon emissions, the NTA plan to introduce sustainable energy transport to the country by next year. The EU have strict policies on carbon emissions, and the country could face a hefty fine if they don’t make drastic, immediate changes.

Government subsidised organisations such as Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and school bus services will be the primary recipients of the green fleet. Private operators will not, at this stage, benefit from any subsidies as part of the programme.

Dublin Bus

According to The, a number of options are being considered by transport minister Shane Ross. These include ‘electric, hybrid and bio-gas buses’.

They went on to report on Norway’s clean energy model, and how it could be of benefit to Ireland:

Norway’s capital city, the first with a zero-emissions transport system, is the sustainable-energy model most countries aspire to.

Oslo’s metro, trams and buses run largely on hydro-electricity, and Norway has the highest percentage of electric cars of any nation.

Despite being ahead of the game in relation to climate change measures, further plans are underway to restrict cars to its city centre.

One in four new cars sold in Norway are electric and is likely to achieve its zero-emissions target by 2025.

Ireland, meanwhile, could be given a bill of up to €75 million each year if it doesn’t meet its EU renewable-energy targets by 2020.

Colin J McCracken

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