Lynx family make surprise appearance on photographer’s porch

A Lynx family came visiting an Alaskan photographer and the outcome was too adorable not to share.

CBS News North received a submission from Tim Newton, who lives just outside a State Park near Anchorage, Alaska.

He told the story of how, one morning, when he came downstairs, he saw what he believed to be a litter of kittens frolicking on the decking of his porch.

Well, at least he thought they were kittens.


Upon closer inspection, Newton realised that they were in fact a family of Lynx, a wild cat (related to the bobcat) with thick fur and huge paws, which act as a kind of snowshoe.

I heard this patter of feet racing around on the deck. I thought, ‘Well, that isn’t a bear. What the heck is that?‘” Newton recalled. What he heard resembled “huge pads sticking to the deck like Velcro.”

Lynx Family a

Newton, an engineer whose hobby is landscape photography, said he rushed over and grabbed his camera.

He went to another window with a better view and was surprised to find the lynx kittens still playing on his deck. Newton said he’s had only a handful of lynx sightings in his lifetime, and most of them were for less than five seconds.” (Sc. CBS NN)

Lynx Family c

Newton was treated to an audience of seven kittens and their mother, who played happily in his yard for over an hour.

Lynx Family b

Clicking away with his not-so-silent SLR camera, the lynx kittens began to, one by one, look towards Newton, who was standing behind a screen door.

“My grey hair and beard [are a] perfect match for the bathrobe. Makes me look like a tall, grey triangle,” said Newton, crediting his elusive outfit for his longest record encounter with lynx.

“For the next half hour, the kittens turned my deck into a romper room,” he said.

Lynx Family

“I’ve concluded that lynx spend one per cent of their time chasing rabbits and 99 per cent of their time chasing their siblings.”

You can find out more about the Lynx and efforts being made to conserve them over at the Big Cats Wildcats Page.

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