Manchester Arena Muslim March sees hundreds pay tribute

Last Monday saw an unbelievably horrendous atrocity take place in the city of Manchester, England.

22 people were killed and over 60 injured when a suicide bomber targeted a pop concert at the city’s Manchester Arena.

The perpetrator is believed to have been a radicalised terrorist. The city has reacted with grief and sadness, but also a togetherness and resilience from which the world could learn a great deal.

Yesterday, hundreds of members of the city’s Muslim population came out in support and solidarity with the rest of Manchester.

Manchester Arena

In many cases such as Monday’s attack, there is a propensity for hate crimes and attacks on marginalised communities to rise. Manchester has shown that they are not about to take that path. The city has always been one of multiculturalism and togetherness; this week they have shown that they are not about to change that, due to the actions of an individual.


Moin Azmi, spokesman for the North Manchester Jamia Mosque, told the Manchester Evening News that “young Muslims had been among the most deeply disturbed” by Monday’s events.


It was really good to see people driving past supporting us,” added Azmi, “That’s the image we want to show – that we are a part of society campaigning against the terrorist.”

Imam Arshad Misbahi added: “This peace walk shows our feelings towards the atrocity. It was against the teachings of Islam. We organised the walk for our students.

They have been asking questions at school and we feel as a Mosque we have to unite and show our sympathy for the lives that have been lost.”

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