Manduka launches project:OM to battle breast cancer

Renowned yoga brand Manduka, in partnership with the Susan G. Komen Organisation, has launched PROJECT:OM (The yoga class of one million) to support breast cancer research and community programmes.

On their homepage Manduka describes Project:OM as “a mindful movement to drive positive change on an epic level.”

Project:OM was launched March 15, 2017, and debut events took place on the weekend of May 12 – 14, with the aim of bringing together one million people to participate in the world’s largest yoga class, to benefit Susan G. Komen.

In a conversation with Yoga Journal Susan G. Komen Senior Vice President of Development, Christina Alford, said:

“Project:OM provides a new and exciting avenue for novice to experienced yogis to be a part of a nationwide movement and really make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.”

Susan G. Komen’s bold but noble aim is to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. by 2026. Through Susan G. Komen’s national network of nearly 100 local affiliates and with the aid of 900+ Manduka ambassadors project:OM is slated to be one of the yoga industry’s most important and impactful events, with all of donations going directly to Susan G. Komen. As it is stated on the project’s homepage:

“50% will go to support national research efforts. The other 50% stays in your community (where the funds were raised), and will be used for local prevention and support programs.”


From May 12 project:OM and its partners are hosting thousands of yoga events across U.S. These events share a message of health and aim to fund breast cancer research as well as community programs that support people who are facing the challenges of breast cancer. Manduka Chairman and CEO Michael Soenen said in press release:

“The yoga community is one of the most passionate and driven groups of people on the planet. Uniting together to help reduce breast cancer deaths is a privilege and honour for us all. We hope that project:OM will provide a great opportunity to expose more people to the benefits of yoga while inspiring millions of people across the country to participate and support this critical cause.”

The project also highlights that regular exercise, yes, that includes also your yoga practice, might even reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. As Susan G. Komen Senior Director of Health Education Susan Brown said:

“Regular exercise, such as yoga, can help breast cancer survivors reduce stress and anxiety and give a sense of control over their bodies. In addition, women who get regular exercise have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who are inactive. In fact, studies show exercise appears to help to lower breast cancer risk by about 10 to 20 percent.”

So pull out your mat and head over to to find an event near you and support this affirming endeavour.

In addition Manduka have also launched a special collection of yoga mats, yoga towels, and women’s and men’s clothing. With each item purchased between March 1 and December 31, 2017, Susan G. Komen will receive 10 percent of the retail sales price. You can purchase the items on

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