Motor Neuron Disease charity inundated with donations

A Motor Neuron Disease charity has received a record-breaking number of visitors since the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking earlier this week. 

The Motor Neuron Disease Association website crashed, due to the sheer volume of visitors it has received over recent days.

“We’ve had an influx of donations this morning following the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. Our website is currently down,” the charity was forced to tweet, following the surge of support they received, before adding “Thank you all for your support. If you’re trying to donate, you can visit .”

Through so many years in the public eye, Professor Hawking did a huge amount to raise awareness of MND, and this legacy continues today,” said Chris James, director of external affairs for the charity.

Motor Neuron Disease rapidly effects the spinal column and brain and is, in most cases, fatal. Professor Hawking was diagnosed with the disease over 50 years ago, and remains an inspirational figure as a result of his reliance and determination, as well as his immense professional achievements.

Sally Light, CEO of the MND Association, spoke of Hawking’s legacy following his death.

Hawking’s approach to life with MND is an example to all of us.” – Sally Light, MND Association

All of us at the MND Association have been extremely saddened by the news of Professor Hawking’s passing,” said Light, “Through so many years in the public eye he did a huge amount to raise awareness of motor neuron disease, yet he never allowed himself to be defined by his illness.

Tributes from all over the world continue to appear online, with people celebrating the life and work of Professor Hawking.

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