New eye drops can dissolve cataracts without the need for surgery

A revolutionary new treatment is allowing cataract suffers to be cured without the need for surgery.

According to Science magazine, as well as Justine Alford at IFLScience, a new compound is proving successful in dissolving cataracts, which are caused by a buildup of excess lens proteins called crystallins form on the surface of the eye.


Following on from our earlier story of Dr. Sanduk Riut, who has restored sight to over 100,000 people in Nepal, it seems as it the future already looks a lot brighter for worldwide suffers of the condition. This is especially noteable for those who cannot afford the expensive surgery.

This work is the result of a collaboration between the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Michigan, and Washington University in St. Louis. Read the original source article.

Colin J McCracken

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