The Paralympics opening ceremony was an absolute sensation

The Paralympic opening ceremony took place last night and it was an outstanding display of achievement and splendour.

The crowd, which was mostly made up of Brazilian nationals, cheered with rapturous applause as competitors from all over the world made their appearance in the centre of the stadium, accompanied by fireworks and phenomenal demonstrations of exceptional ability.

Highlights included watching the American snowboarder Amy Purdy show off her Dancing With The Stars skills with a robot, as well as a parade from more than 4300 athletes from 159 countries, as well as two refugees (appearing as part of an independent team).


The next 11 days will see a range of astonishing achievements from the best each individual country has to offer, with each athlete striving to change the perception of  individuals with ranging physical capabilities, both on and off the sports field.

2016-Rio-Paralympics-Opening-ceremony (1)

Despite a slow build up, and initially poor ticket sales, the crowds finally showed up for the event, which Brazilians are hoping will be one of the most memorable in history.


The only centention shown at the event was when the new President of Brazil,  Michel Temer, was almost unanimously booed by the audience.

WATCH: Highlights From The Rio 2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

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