Porsche gives ALL its employees €9,111 bonus

Most of us would love a Porsche. Some lucky people own one.

This news will make you wish you WORKED for them.

Porsche 2

Following a hugely successful year, Porsche has issued all of its employees with a staggering €9,111 (get it?) bonus. They have shunned the standard practice of filtering profits back to the shareholders in favour of giving something back to their 21,000 German staff members.

Thanks to the success of several new models, namely the Cayenne and Macan – both family oriented vehicles, the company are making over $17,000 profit on ever new car sold. This led to record breaking results in 2016.

This bonus isn’t just restricted to the boardroom either. The German car manufacturers have issued bonuses to “the senior staff and engineers down to the line workers, janitors and cafeteria workers“.

Porsche Macan

Uwe Hück, Chair of the Group Works Council stated; “Negotiating a bonus is never easy. However, this time it was particularly difficult to arrive at an outcome. In the end, no one in our large VW family received anywhere near as large a bonus as our employees at Porsche.”

Last year’s bonus was an impressive €8,911, but the increase in profits allowed the company to raise it to the iconic ‘911’ rate.

For Porsche, 2016 was an eventful, emotional and above all, a highly successful year,” said Oliver Blume, chairman of the executive board of Porsche AG in a statement. “The expertise and passion of our staff forms the basis of a successful future for Porsche.”

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