Rodney Mullen, legendary skater, returns after 12-year hiatus

Rodney Mullen has returned to the world of skateboarding after a break of over a decade.

The legendary skater was the one who almost single-handedly redefined modern tricks in the ’80s. It was Mullen who developed signature tricks such as the heel flip, the impossible, the kick flip, and the 360 flip, which are now staple moves of the skating world.

Rodney Mullen recently stepped inside fashion photographer Steven Sebring’s revolutionary 360 degree studio in New York City, where he showcased some new tricks he’d been working on. The results are amazing. It’s been 12 years since the 49-year-old stepped away from the sport to focus on other ventures, but watching this video makes us yearn for the days when he was a permanent fixture within the sport.

The collaboration between Sebring and Mullen, which is entitled Liminal, was made available through Vogue and has had skaters all over the world rejoicing in their hero’s return. Check out the video below:

During his time out, Rodney Mullen also made this awesome TED talk; Pop an Ollie and Innovate, which serves as a valuable insight into the philosophy and drive behind a sporting legend:

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