Soar With Reading – a brilliant initiative from JetBlue w Simon & Schuster

Soar With Reading is an outstanding project which aims to provide children with age-appropriate books, to instill a lifelong love of the written word. 

The initiative is the brainchild of airline company JetBlue, along with renowned publishers Simon & Schuster. Since its inception, Soar With Reading, has gone from strength to strength.

JetBlue started the programme in 2011 and the aim of the programme, according to Icema Gibbs, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at JetBlue, was to ‘try to get books into the hands of children who did not have age appropriate books at home.’ In 2014, they commissioned a study into the availability of books to children in underserved communities. Findings showed that only a single age-appropriate book was available for one in every 300 children in these areas.

Soar With Reading subsequently came up with some innovative ways to combat this issue. In 2014, they began a campaign of placing book vending machines in cities, starting with Washington D.C.

Athlete Justin Upton helps kids get a book from the reading vending machine at JetBlue’s Soar with Reading launch event, on Tuesday, June 27, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan. JetBlue’s Soar with Reading installed five custom book vending machines to distribute free books to children in Detroit all summer long. (Bryan Mitchell/AP Images for JetBlue)

This year alone, the project is donating 100,000 books to children in the San Francisco Bay area. They have already provided communities with over $3,000,000 worth of books for children of all ages.

Soar With Reading is such an amazing opportunity to have kids connect with books in a new way.” – Hen Kahn, author of ‘Amina’s Voice

Every year the project has a ‘Book Battle’; a reading challenge which promotes kids to get involved and discover as many new authors as possible.

To find out more about the project, check out the official site.

Colin J McCracken

Colin J McCracken is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the online platform, content and presence of the project.

  1. So I really want to implement this program at my school this coming summer 2019 and throughout the school year. I went to the official website and can’t see anything except winners page.
    Can you direct me as to whom I need to talk with?
    Thanks so much.
    Ra’Shelle Wilson, Media Specialist Alpine District, Orem Utah
    [email protected]

    1. Oh no! That’s unfortunate. I’m unsure which department deals with establishing the programme within schools.
      I have, however, found some of the key contacts for both representatives. Contacts
      JetBlue Corporate Communications
      +1 718-709-3089
      [email protected]
      Lisa Moraleda, 212-698-7087
      Director of Publicity, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing
      [email protected]

      Hope this helps

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