Surfer rescued from Irish Sea after 30 hours adrift

A surfer was rescued off the northern coast of Ireland last night, after getting into difficulty and getting lost at sea.

The man, who had been surfing off the Scottish coastal town of Campbeltown, disappeared on Sunday and the alarm was raised when he didn’t return to the shore.

It took more than 30 hours to track down the missing surfer, and authorities were beginning to fear the worst.

A joint operation was launched with Scottish RNLI lifeboats and Coastguard rescue teams, who worked tirelessly to locate the man.

Hope was fading of finding the surfer safe and well after such a long period in the water and with nightfall approaching we were gravely concerned,” said Dawn Petrie, coordinator of the search at Belfast Coastguard Operations Centre, “But at 7.30pm Monday night, the crew on the Coastguard rescue helicopter were delighted when they located the man still with his surf board and 13 miles off the coast. He’s hypothermic but conscious and has been flown to hospital in Belfast.” (Sc. The

Authorities have urged those who plan to swim or surf in the sea to let people know where they are, and when they expect to return, as well as to be prepared for the unexpected. Petrie added that it was the surfer’s attire and equipment which assisted in his survival.

He was kitted out with all the right clothing including a thick neoprene suit and this must have helped him to survive for so long at sea.”

Colin J McCracken

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