Upsee by Firefly is an innovative new walker designed by a mom for disabled children

Debby Elnatan, whose son Rotem suffers from Cerebral palsy, has designed a unique and wonderful gadget which allows children to experience the world outside of the confines of a wheelchair.

Upsee Firefly

The upright mobility walker attaches a harness to the parent’s waist and a pair of combined shoes allows the child to be secure as they stride along.

24th March 2014 Photo by William Cherry/Presseye Stepping Out in the Upsee: Pictured are parents and children enjoying the new Firefly Upsee - a standing and walking harness invented by Debby Elnatan, the mother of a child with cerebral palsy who wanted to improve her son's mobility skills. The Firefly Upsee gives wheelchair-bound children the chance to walk and stand and is the first product of its kind. The Firefly Upsee will give wheelchair-bound children the opportunity to walk alongside their siblings, play and even dance.
24th March 2014 Photo by William Cherry/Presseye

Elnatan was inspired to create the device after walking and guiding her son manually; a strenuous and challenging act which left her in discomfort and pain. She took her idea to the next level and the Upsee has become a worldwide success and is now available to buy from Firefly.

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