Yosemite National Park receives 400 acre donation

Yosemite National Park, located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, just expanded a little.

The park, which currently equates to somewhere in the region of 1,168 square miles, got a bit of a boost recently, thanks to a couple named Robin and Nancy Cartwright.

It’s the biggest expansion to the park in almost a century, and so it’s caused quite a stir, especially given the valuable nature of the land, which could have generated a significant sum, had it been sold. The stretch of land, known as Ackerson Meadow, was to be originally included in the park, so some have stated that there is a sense of the land ‘coming back home’.


The couple spoke with the US Daily Express about their donation, which has brought them to the attention of the world’s media.

To have that accessible by everyone to me is just a great thing,” Robin Wainwright said. “It was worth losing a little bit of money for that.”

Yosemite Conservancy President Frank Dean added; “The original Yosemite boundary plans of 1890 included Ackerson Meadow, so it is exciting to finally have this important place protected. The purchase supports the long-term health of the meadow and its wild inhabitants, and creates opportunities for visitors to experience a beautiful Sierra meadow.”

His celebratory tone was echoed by Yosemite National Park Superintendent Don Neubacher, who stated; “The generous donation of Ackerson Meadow will preserve critical meadow habitat that is home to a number of state and federally listed protected species,” before adding, “It’s a stunning open meadow surrounded by forest habitat, which supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. This meadow is a remarkable gift to the American people, coming at a historic time as we celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service.”

The land will be left to grow organically, so that it will increase natural biodiversity in the area.

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