2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell May revolutionise car energy sources

Many of us are looking at alternate fuel sources, especially for our vehicles and homes.

These desires can be environmentally, financially or sustainable motivated, but one thing is for certain; the world is changing.

The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is one of the new and intriguing options which environmentally minded folks might consider looking into.

Hollywood star and tireless campaigner Edward Norton (Fight Club, Leaves of Grass) posted about the battery earlier today (Feb 13th) which led us to look into it further, and we were certainly surprised with what we discovered.

Edward Norton Honda

It seems that hydrogen fuel cells, contained in special stacks within the car, create electricity. The momentum that is generated from this electricity not only propels the car, but also creates 100% clean emissions.

Whereas most cars use fossil fuels, which release toxic gasses and smoke into the atmosphere, the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell emits only H20 (water).

Honda have been developing this technology for the past 20 years and the entire car has been built using eco-friendly guidelines and designs.

According to Honda:

A Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV), like the Clarity Fuel Cell, is a long-range all electric vehicle that uses a fuel cell stack to create electricity on demand.

Although an electric vehicle, there is never a need to “charge” the car with a plug. Instead, it is simply refueled in 3-5 minutes at a hydrogen station and for the Clarity, can travel 366 miles before having to refuel again,* while producing zero emissions. In fact, the only byproduct of this power source is water vapor.

While a fuel cell vehicle has much of the same basic driving functionality as a gasoline-powered vehicle, there are several things that set the Clarity Fuel Cell apart.

Honda has taken its rich history in motorsports and combined it with Fuel Cell Technology to bring you a vehicle that is fun to drive. Clarity Fuel Cell has excellent performance and handling thanks to its high-torque electric motor, weight distribution and multi-link rear suspension. Rolling on 18-inch aerodynamic alloy wheels with exclusive low-rolling resistance sport performance tires, the electric motor generates rapid acceleration the moment you press the accelerator. This power on demand provides smooth take offs and an overall quieter drive. For more responsive acceleration, switch to Sport Mode with the touch of a button.

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