MyGoodPlanet was formed by Ulli Lommel, Dr. Christian and Christiane Hirmer. Along with their Editor in Chief, Colin J McCracken, the concept built from an intention to make the internet a happier place. 

The manifesto of MyGoodPlanet is to create a source of positive, uplifting stories from around the world in an effort to counteract the onslaught of negativity which people are exposed to on a daily basis.

A non-denominational outlet, free of political associations, we are a website which circulates only the best content humanity has to offer. With a team of dedicated writers and broadcasters, MyGoodPlanet is a means by which to showcase the positive things which are happening, both in the local area and beyond.



“I was present during the birth of 24 hour a day news. My partner at that time was one of the first CNN reporters, and we witnessed the miracle first hand. I have since observed how the news has been manipulated to spread negativity, fear and hate throughout the world. Through MyGoodPlanet, we are going to take the dream of Ted Turner and change it into something beautiful, positive and full of light. Someday the world will look back at this as a focal point in how 21st Century media operates.”

Ulli Lommel (Managing Director MyGoodPlanet)