My Good Planet was formed in 2015 by Ulli Lommel, and Colin J McCracken; the concept was built from an intention to make the internet a more enlightening, culturally beneficial and worthwhile experience. 

Since then My Good Planet has grown into a trusted, regular source of insightful, uplifting and educational content. Taking the big issues that the world faces and making them universally understandable is one of the primary motivating factors of the platform.

We also believe that the online experience doesn’t have to be a divisive one; content can be entertaining, as well as informative. It is a firm belief that, with the right information, we can all make a difference and have a positive impact upon the world when it’s needed most.

My Good Planet is constantly expanding and developing, bringing in new voices from around the world, focusing on the things that really matter in life.

Developmental stages of My Good Planet were assisted with the kind and generous initial patronage of Dr. Christian and Christiane Hirmer.