12-year-old Aphex Twin fan gets to create music video for his idol

12 year old Ryan Wyer is swiftly becoming a household name in alternative music circles after being snapped up to create a new music video for his favourite artist, Aphex Twin.

The surrealist video created by Wyer is tonally fitting with the unusual aesthetic which has become synonymous with Aphex Twin (aka Richard D James), whose previous collaborations with Chris Cunningham became some of the most recognisable music videos of the ’90s.

Wyer, who is autistic and suffers from visual impairment, is based in the Dublin suburb of Rush and first came to the attention of Aphex Twin and his label (Warp) through his YouTube channel. It was on this channel that Wyer’s love for the artist, whose frenetic, disjointed electronica has earned him fans the world over, became apparent. Fan videos, such as Wyer’s one for minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] struck a chord with Warp and Aphex Twin, who made contact with the young filmmaker.

In a recent interview with Culture Creature, Ryan and his mother, Marie O’Toole Wyer (who transcribed Ryan’s answers) spoke about the fantastic developments which have changed his life. “Warp said that Ryan had been spoken about a lot and they loved his work.” says Marie. “Rich thinks I make cool videos.” adds Ryan, before adding that he hopes to be a musician and director when he grows up.

The new Aphex Twin EP was announced this week, sporting a picture of Ryan basking amongst a stack of goodies.

His mother went on to thank Warp and Richard D James for all they’ve done for Ryan.

“Ryan has listened and loved music from a very young age,” Marie wrote, “and we always knew he would do something with music. He expresses how he feels through music…. We are hugely thankful to Richard and Warp for seeing Ryan’s talent and giving him this amazing opportunity. They made his dreams come true.”

You can watch Ryan Wyer’s video below:

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