Arnold Schwarzenegger goes meat-free to save the planet

Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone meat-free and is now practising a plant-based diet “for the benefit of humanity”.

In a new PSA video, which also features Terminator / Avatar director James Cameron, the Austrian Oak urges the world to follow him in adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to help save the planet by reducing greenhouse emissions and pollution caused by the industrial cattle farming industry.

Less meat, less heat, more life.” is the message that the Hollywood legends are spreading. Up to 28% of global emissions are caused by cattle farming, and while research is being carried out into how this figure can be reduced, it remains a growing concern.

Environmentalists claim that reducing meat intake, or eradicating it from our diets altogether, would assist in the deconstruction of the cattle industry, and our reliance upon meat-based products. Schwarzenegger, whose training regime has demanded he consume gargantuan quantities of meat, advises us to ease ourselves into the change:

“You have to start slowly, you can’t just convince people to stop eating meat altogether. It’s a very big challenge, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done and you shouldn’t be on that campaign, but it’s a very hard thing to overcome.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger also teamed up with the Wild Conservation Society recently, in a bid to raise awareness of animal trafficking and poaching.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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Colin J McCracken is an Irish editor and writer of both fiction and journalism. Coming from a background in education and film, his passions are split between the environmental and the entertaining. Constantly striving for a more sustainable existence and trying to balance it while simultaneously buying too many books.