Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

Director and Executive Editor

Colin J McCracken is an Irish editor and writer of both fiction and journalism. Coming from a background in education and film, his passions are split between the environmental and the entertaining. Constantly striving for a more sustainable existence and trying to balance it while simultaneously buying too many books.

insect population decline my good planet

Insect population decline – what’s happening to all the bugs?

Insect population decline is an ongoing epidemic, spurred by climate change, and it’s having an irrevocable effect on the world’s ecosystems.  Insect population decline has been highlighted by a number of respected entomologists…

House of Marley

House of Marley – the sound of a planet in harmony

House of Marley is something of a marvel. A company which has emerged from a groundbreaking musical legacy, committed to the development of outstanding sound equipment, using the proceeds to further charitable,…

Solve for Happy – The Google X Exec’s Happiness Equation

Solve for Happy is a new publication from Google X’s Chief Business Officer, Mo Gawdat, which offers the unique and intriguing perspective that happiness is a quantifiable entity.  Many believe that happiness is…