Bee Saving Paper is a new way to help declining numbers

Bee Saving Paper is a new invention which could save the lives of countless bees. 

This specially made Bee Saving Paper is painted with water-based UV paint, with a pattern full of circles visible only to bees. They act as a kind of ‘pit stop’ for travelling bees, where they can feed, rest and prepare themselves for further flight.

They contain glucose and Lacy Phacelia seeds which rejuvenate tired bees, who are now having to travel further and further to find food.

Why did we choose red circles? What we see as a beautiful meadow, bees see as a field of red circles.”

These ultraviolet patterns often outline “landing zones” for bees, pointing them towards the parts of plants that contain nectar and pollen. Could there be any better way to attract bees to our paper?’

– Bee Saving Paper

This brilliant invention, which is being compared to an ‘energy drink for bees’, is the creation of Polish craftswoman Malgorzata Lasocka.

Lasocka spoke with Fast Company Design about the project and told them that ‘she and her colleagues had the idea for the paper back in 2017, working after hours at Saatchi & Saatchi. That spring, they started experimenting with beekeepers and craftsmen to develop the concept. “Making the paper was an experiment on itself, and it took us a long time to figure it out,” she says. Nine months later, they were ready to show it to the world: “After we publicized it, we got a massive amount of emails from people interested in buying our paper, so we turned [our idea] into a startup company.”’

“According to Gadecka, the company has already successfully tested the paper on the field, designing and printing all the packaging for Łukasz Kaczorowski–a Polish beekeeper who lost over 95% of his hives. “For him, literally every bee matters,” she says (in fact, Every Bee Matters is the name of his honey.)”

The overall aim is to get manufacturers to begin using the paper for products such as tickets, receipts and coffee cups. That way, even when discarded, the trash would serve a purpose, as well as being 100% biodegradable.

While recent measures have been brought into place to try and reduce the sale and use of pesticides which are harmful to bees, numbers are still in decline. Bees play a pivotal role within our ecosystem, and to lose them completely would mean that a huge number of our fruits and vegetables would not get pollinated, and simply die off as a result.

Ideas such as this may hold the key to the success of the species.


Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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