Bookworms live longer, so get reading.

Good news for bookworms. The results are in, and it seems that those who read for at least 30 minutes a day live to a greater age than those who don’t.

As part of a study which was published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, research by academics at Yale University School of Public Health  discovered that the overall health of voracious readers led to a prolonged and healthier lifestyle.


According to Kate Ryan of GOOD Magazine;

“Researchers split the respondents into three groups. There were those who read a maximum of three and a half hours a week, those who read more, and those who didn’t bother to read at all. Separating other variables such as age, gender, education, and income, analysts were able to isolate reading as a factor that could increase one’s lifespan.”

Sheree Joseph of The Vocal added;

“It makes sense since books and reading open us up to new worlds, ideas and perspectives. It can help us to empathise more with others, broaden our minds and our intelligence levels. You know the age old adage – quality not quantity. Well that applies here too. A good quality life spent reading and learning can only do wonders for the soul (and the body). So next time someone tells you to stop reading and do the dishes, tell them they might as well sign your early death certificate! Then reassure them that you are not dying and do the dishes while listening to a podcast and save the next chapter for bed, everybody wins!”

One way in which to increase daily reading habits is to simply have a book close by at all times. When the urge to scroll through social media, or check an email inbox for the umpteenth time arises, simply quell it by reading a few pages. The difference which this can make to the amount, and range, which can be read in a week is outstanding.

So make sure you take at least half an hour out of your day to read. It’ll do more than just broaden your mind.