Brunello Cucinelli and the Hamlet of the Spirit

Brunello Cucinelli the brand is a luxury Italian fashion line with a difference. While their clothes are regularly worn by the Hollywood elite, their ethical and philosophical standpoint sets them far apart from their contemporaries. 

Brunello Cucinelli, founder of the eponymous, multi-million dollar company, hails from the town of Solomeo, Italy, an area which he has committed years of his life, and a significant portion of his personal wealth, to rebuilding and rejuvenating.

Since 2010, Cucinelli has been committed to restoring life to the town from which he came. This desire bore the Pleasant Peripheries project, one which has seen extensive landscaping take place, along with the design and development of a theater, Aurelian Neo-humanistic Academy, a tailoring school, the Ginnasio garden, and a vineyard. 173 acres of local land was reclaimed and Cucinelli tore down several industrial buildings to make way for a more natural and spiritually enlightening paradise.

Solomeo has now changed so much as a result of Cucinelli’s efforts, with the essence of humanity so evident, that he now refers to it as a ‘Hamlet of the spirit.’

Last week, a stunning centerpiece to the newly refurbished landscape was added. A gorgeous monument, which Cucinelli envisioned as being a testament to the humanistic spirit, and the wonders which it can achieve.

500 journalists appeared to hear the admired philanthropist and entrepreneur give a rare public speech. “I wanted to give dignity back to the land,” he said, “When I was young, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew that I would work for human dignity.”

Quoting from the great philosophers and thinkers of the ages, Brunello Cucinelli struck a stark contrast to the image of the profit-hungry company founder. His vision and world view are nothing short of truly inspirational, and his aim for making the world a better place extends far beyond the Italian landscape.

The great dream of my life has always been to work for the moral and economic dignity of mankind” – Brunello Cucinelli 

Despite having recently joined Instagram, Cucinelli is concerned about the effect which the digital world is having on the real one. He hopes to meet with Jeff Bezos of Amazon in the near future to talk about “humanizing the Web,” something which he feels very strongly about.

Perhaps, in the future, true luxury will be the ability to lead a private life unknown to our life partner — our smartphone.” – Brunello Cucinelli

With such drive, passion and a sense of purpose, Brunello Cucinelli is everything which young entrepreneurs should aspire to be. Someone who is not afraid to give back to his community, and the world, in a genuine, enriching manner. He stated that he hopes his monument lasts for several thousand years. Hopefully the changes which he instigates within the business world are as resonant.

I would not like to live in a world where everything boils down to mere profit. Money is valuable only when it is spent to improve man’s life and growth, and this is the end that I struggle to achieve.” – Brunello Cucinelli