Carnival 2018 Top 10 Pics From Around The World

Carnival 2018 took place this week in locations all over the globe. 

From the spectacular to the quaint, Carnival season is a chance for people to welcome in the coming spring and bid goodbye to the long winter.

Most carnival celebrations predate Christianity, but many of them now incorporate associated imagery. Some of the most striking scenes took place in Brazil, where Carnival celebrations are in year-round preparation. Other outstanding events took place in places such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Bolivia.

The Atlantic published some outstanding photos from the events, some of which are more commonly known than others. Here are some of the best:

“A reveller of the Unidos de Vila Maria samba school performs during the second night of carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the city’s Sambadrome early on February 11, 2018.” / AFP PHOTO / Nelson ALMEIDA/Getty Images)
“Revelers kiss during the Bloco da Lama in Paraty, Brazil, on February 10, 2018.” Mauro Pimentel / AFP / Getty
“People throw oranges to each other during the traditional “Oranges battle” of Ivrea Carnival, near Turin, on February 11, 2018.
Established in 1808, the Carnival of Ivrea is one of the oldest and most particular festivals in the world. It is the Battle of the Oranges that reevokes the civil war that broke out between the people of Ivrea and the Royal Napoleonic Troops. The battle is made up of squads of aranceri or orange throwers on foot (representing the people) and defending their piazzas from those throwing the oranges (that represent arrows) from carts (representing the Napoleonic troops).” / AFP PHOTO / MIGUEL MEDINA/ Getty Images
A group of participants called ”Txatxus” take part in the ancient rural carnival in the small Pyrenees village of Lantz, northern Spain, Sunday, Feb.11, 2018. The carnival is a long-standing rural tradition in which the forces of good and evil confront each other in a symbolic battle. From Sunday to Tuesday, during carnival week, in the little village of Lantz, the legendarily evil bandit Miel Otxin, represented by a doll fill of straw, is imprisoned and sentenced to death by fire.” (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)
“Dancers perform the traditional Diablada, or Dance of the Devils, during the Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia, on February 10, 2018.” Juan Karita / AP
“The Paraiso do Tuiuti samba school performs during the first night of Rio’s Carnival at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on February 12, 2018.” / AFP PHOTO / Carl DE SOUZA 
“Dancers from the Caneca Furada troupe perform in the Carnival Parade in Funchal with the theme “Madeira: six centuries of joy” on February 10, 2018, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.” Octavio Passos / Getty
“A nominee for queen performs during the main stage of the Carnival of Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife, on February 07, 2018.
The costumes are more than five meters high and over 80 kilos in weight. The event began on January 12 and finishes on February 18 with orchestras playing Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms throughout the festivities that range from elections for the Carnival Queen, the Junior Queen and the Senior Queen, to children and adult murgas (satirical street bands), comparsas (dance groups) and street performances.” / AFP PHOTO / DESIREE MARTIN 
“Revellers celebrate the street carnival at the school and quarterparade “Schuul en Veedelzuch” on February 11, 2018 in Cologne, western Germany.” / AFP PHOTO / Patrik STOLLARZ 
“VENICE, ITALY – FEBRUARY 10: Dancers perform at Palazzo Pisani Moretta during the annual Ballo del Doge on February 10, 2018 in Venice, Italy. The Ballo del Doge, created by fashion and costume designer Antonia Sautter, is considered the most elegant and exclusive masquerade ball during the Venice Carnival.” (Photo by Awakening/Getty Images)
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