Dana White pledges $1m UFC donation to Las Vegas victims

Dana White, President of the UFC and Las Vegas native, has made a declaration to TMZ regarding the recent mass shooting that took place in the city.

This is my city. I grew up here. I raised my family here. All my friends live here,” Dana White told the station in an emotional video. White seemed greatly shaken by the events which had taken place and pledged to donate a significant sum to the relief efforts.

We’re gonna donate a million dollars to the families and the people who are effected by this,” said White, before explaining that they were unsure of exactly which cause they would be donating to; “It’s still too early, so we’ll see what pops up over the next week. We’re gonna donate to a bunch of different things, or else just give the money in one lump sum.”

White also vocalised his opinion that there is enough money in Las Vegas to assist those who need help and support in the wake of the incident.

Every casino on the strip should dig in and help,” he said.

His parting words were for all of the world, who had been watching the development and aftermath of the story. His message was simple, don’t give up on his city:

For the people outside of Las Vegas, don’t be afraid to come here.”

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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