Daniel Essa – A designer with a difference

Daniel Essa is just about to open his first fashion outlet and has already generated a massive amount of excitement surrounding his work. 

His high-end sneakers are currently being sold in boutiques in Beverly Hills, Paris and Ajaccio, Corsica, but the launch of his flagship store in Paris will be the culmination of a lot of work, hope and perseverance.

Daniel Essa studied fashion in Damascus before having to flee his home country of Syria in 2014. Escaping the rising conflict in the area, he relocated to central Europe, a story he elaborates upon on his site:

My journey led me to the fashion capital of the world.
In Paris, I was inspired by this wondrous city’s beauty, the culture of elegance & rich history.I started my own YouTube Channel, The Parisian Gents, sharing my tips on men’s grooming, personal style & travel.”

The YouTube channel was a huge success and his brand started to grow. Essa’s flair and talent, combined with his affable, enigmatic personality, led to a strong core audience. Once he started to introduce his own designs, things really began to take off.

Since childhood, I’ve always been passionate about all things fashion and design,” Essa explains in his biography, “I already knew at a very young age that I wanted to create my own international luxury brand. As an aficionado of all things related to the fashion industry, my career path took me to becoming a fashion & accessory designer, television host, presenter, blogger & YouTuber.

For the last several years I’ve focused on the shoe market & have come to the conclusion to launch my own luxury shoe collection. The début Daniel Essa Collection pays tribute to my love of different cultures, a luxurious color palette, bold new ideas, unique details & cutting edge designs.”

Despite his talent and skill, he had to carve his own path in life. “The rest of my family was against it because it wasn’t a man’s job, it was a woman’s job,” Essa told Reuters in a recent interview, “So it was our little secret between my grandmother and me, doing it behind my family’s back.”

We saw that the war had started to reach Damascus. There were attacks almost every day and I saw my friends and many families starting to leave one after the other – of course, the lucky ones, those who could afford to go.” – Daniel Essa

Essa’s classical, yet innovative elegant sneaker designs have led to a number of celebrity clients, as well as international acclaim and attention, but there’s something which the rising star would truly like to see happen next:

Everybody talks about world peace, but I really hope that one day we will have peace in our world,

Check out one of Essa’s travel videos from The Parisian Gents below:

Colin J McCracken
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