Diplomacy as an everyday skill

Diplomacy, as Alain de Botton states in his newest video, is most often associated with business and politics.

There are, however, many elements of diplomacy which can be adapted to everyday life. This awareness and subsequent practice can result in better awareness of our emotions, increased empathy towards others and a greater overall understanding of how we interact with the world.

In this analysis, de Botton offers an attractive and sensible alternative to many of the ills which plague modern society, communication and business. By utilising the art of diplomacy, it becomes possible to minimise aggression, impetuousness and poor judgement when faced with a challenging situation or decision. Increased understanding of what it means to be truly diplomatic, can lead to a relatively conflict-free and enjoyable existence, on both professional and personal levels.

Alain de Botton’s School of Life is a regular online source of poignant, thoughtful and uplifting content. It also has physical branches around the world and publishes books such as The Book of Life, of which many chapters are available online.

The art of diplomacy is vital if we are to get better at managing our relationships, our friendships and our working lives. None of us are born knowing how to be diplomatic, but the skill can be learnt – and should be to make life more gracious and efficient.
widely practiced.”

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

Director and Executive Editor

Colin J McCracken is an Irish editor and writer of both fiction and journalism. Coming from a background in education and film, his passions are split between the environmental and the entertaining. Constantly striving for a more sustainable existence and trying to balance it while simultaneously buying too many books.