Donegal Airport scenery celebrated by US businessman; ‘Most beautiful I’ve ever seen’

Donegal Airport, on the North West coast of Ireland, might not be the most popular route in the world.

As one US businessman recently discovered, however, it might just be one of the most beautifully located.

Patrick Bench from Boston Mass, was in the country for work purposes when he booked a flight from Donegal to Dublin. He certainly wasn’t prepared for what he experienced.

The North Coast of Ireland lays claim to some of the most scenic and unique landscapes in the world and this video is just one example of the delights which can be had whilst exploring that part of the country. The Donegal to Derry route leads to the famous Giants Causeway, as well as many picturesque coastal towns.

Bench’s video captures this magic superbly, as can be seen below.

According to the Independent.Ie, Bench was in the country to attend to meetings that “focused on promoting Ireland North West for economic development and assisting companies from the region to expand to the United States market.”

This was my first time taking the Donegal to Dublin flight. This was the most beautiful landscape take-off I had ever seen’, Bench told Independent.ie, ‘I have just arrived back home to Boston and the video was a big hit here too.

Earlier this year, Donegal was voted ‘the world’s second-most scenic airport in a poll by private jet booking service, PrivateFly‘.

To find out more about what’s available in Donegal, check out the Go Visit Donegal website, where you can download a brochure which delves into the sheer joy which can be experienced there.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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