Dublin Zoo celebrates birth of baby Oryx (extinct in the wild)

Dublin Zoo are celebrating a new arrival following the birth of a rare scimitar-horned oryx, a species which is no longer living in the wild. 

The adorable little newcomer was born last Wednesday, marking another successful addition to the many breeding programmes in place at the zoo.

Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader at the zoo’s African Plains, said in a statement:

We are so pleased to welcome our newest addition to the scimitar-horned oryx herd and recognise the impact this birth makes on the conservation efforts being made to protect this species.

Both mother and calf are doing extremely well — we are delighted to report he was up and running about just one hour after birth.”

Dublin Zoo added; “Through conservation breeding programmes, zoo-bred oryx have been reintroduced into semi-wild areas in four national parks across Tunisia. Currently there are over 200 oryx in such semi-wild areas.

Dublin Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a male scimitar-horned oryx, a species classified as extinct in the wild. Born on Wednesday, July 25, the healthy new calf weighs approx. 25kg and brings the herd at Dublin Zoo to a total of seven.

Almost a quarter of a million visitors will pass through the Zoo’s doors this summer, as it continues its ongoing mission to “work in partnership with zoos worldwide to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the endangered species on Earth“.

Colin J McCracken

My Good Planet Director, Colin J McCracken, is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the platform and ethos of the project. Contact: [email protected]