Enterprise Car Foundation Gives $30 Million to River Conservation

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation had made a monster donation to an international river conservation project.

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation has always been active in promoting community-focused, philanthropic programmes. Now it may have embarked on one of its biggest yet.

At present, Enterprise have pledged to donate $30 million into The Nature Conservancy, a project which aims to restore four major rivers and their surrounding areas in North America and Europe.

The project, which was highlighted by National Geographic’s Heather Brady, was outlined in detail as part of an article published earlier today:

The Colorado River as it appears in Northern California
The Colorado River as it appears in Northern California

Within the Mississippi River’s watershed, the Nature Conservancy will partner with farmers, ranchers, and communities to reduce nutrient runoff that flows into the river and creates a dead zone for marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. The conservancy will partner with water users throughout the Colorado River Basin to restore watersheds by conserving water use from the Colorado River, which supports tens of millions of people, to weather drought conditions while also meeting an increased demand for water in the area.”

Spokespersons for the foundation also provided their thoughts.

“Our philanthropic focus … reaches beyond to make a difference and improve the quality of life wherever our employees and customers live and work,” noted Carolyn Kindle Betz, Taylor’s granddaughter and the senior vice president and executive director of the foundation. “We’re thrilled to support and partner with a world-class organization like the Nature Conservancy in this effort to help ensure that healthy rivers continue to enrich our lives for generations to come.”

Colin J McCracken

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