Fourth Dimension images discovered by independent scientists

The Fourth Dimension has long remained a concept relegated to the pages of science fiction novels. 

Recent studies carried out by two separate scientific bodies, however, has given a greater insight into the inter-dimensional phenomenon than has ever existed before.

Both studies focus on something called the quantum Hall effect, which is (deep breath) ‘a quantum-mechanical version of the Hall effect, observed in two-dimensional electron systems subjected to low temperatures and strong magnetic fields, in which the Hall conductance σ undergoes quantum Hall transitions to take on the quantized values.’

Essentially, it measures the effects of low temperatures and magnetic fields on the conductance (electrical sensitivity) of certain elements. This process has held the potential to highlight or exemplify the existence of a Fourth Dimension, however, this has been virtually impossible to prove.

Until now that is.

Mikael C. Rechtsman, co-author of one of the studies (Photonic topological boundary pumping as a probe of 4D quantum Hall physics), released a statement in which he outlined the project:

When it was theorized that the quantum Hall effect could be observed in four-dimensional space, it was considered to be of purely theoretical interest because the real world consists of only three spatial dimensions; it was more or less a curiosity. But, we have now shown that four-dimensional quantum Hall physics can be emulated using photons – particles of light – flowing through an intricately structured piece of glass – a waveguide array.”

According to Alfredo Carpineti, staff writer at I F*****g Love Science;

Thanks to a new technique, glass waveguides can be etched in a way that makes them sport synthetic dimensions, allowing photons going through the waveguides to act like they are in a true four-dimensional system. This breakthrough allowed researchers to finally test if the quantum Hall effect truly exists in four dimensions. And it does.

The effect cannot be observed in three dimensions. It was first observed in two dimensions when electrical charges were sandwiched between two surfaces. Once the surface cools to almost absolute zero and is subjected to a strong magnetic field, the amount of charge that it can transmit is quantized, fixed by the fundamental quantities of nature.”

All of this brings us closer to identifying the structure and form which may exist within a Fourth Dimension, and the implications of this are mind-blowing.

Colin J McCracken

My Good Planet Director, Colin J McCracken, is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the platform and ethos of the project. Contact: [email protected]