Fur Farm Ban Implemented in Norway

Norway have placed a ban on the fur farm industry, according to a local animal rights organisation. 

In a statement from Norwegian animal rights activists NOAH, which was posted over the weekend, details were revealed about the country’s plans to do away with a practice which many deem archaic, cruel and unnecessary.

Petitions and pressure have been mounting on the government to take action, and it seems as if the first steps are being made to decrease the suffering of countless animals.

According to PETA, (Norway) ‘is currently home to 300 fur farms, which breed and kill 700,000 minks and 110,000 foxes every year, so this is truly a massive victory for animals.’

PETA have been instrumental in arranging protests and raising awareness about such practices for decades:

“An exposé released by PETA in 2014 documented horrific conditions on fur farms in Norway and several other countries and featured footage captured by Norwegian groups Dyrebeskyttelsen Norgeand Nettverk for Dyrs Frihet

Animal rights activists in Norway have been campaigning for a ban for years. In 2016, NOAH organised Europe’s largest-ever anti-fur protest, during which more than 13,000 people marched through the streets of Oslo and other Norwegian cities. Many PETA supporters were also there to help spread the fur-free message.”

A chart, courtesy of the Fur Free Alliance, outlines the progress made in banning fur farms across Europe. Norway can now be added to the list.

With most of the major fashion houses going fur free in 2018, it could be that the trend for wearing real fur is subsiding. It can only be hoped that, in the very near future, it is eradicated altogether.

Colin J McCracken

My Good Planet Director, Colin J McCracken, is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the platform and ethos of the project. Contact: [email protected]