Fur sales to be banned in Los Angeles

Fur sales are set to become history in the city of Los Angeles. 

Surrounding areas, such as Berkely, West Hollywood and San Francisco have already outlawed fur sales, but this will expand that ban across the whole LA area. Los Angeles officials voted unanimously today to ban fur sales within the city.

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, will have to give his final approval, however, it is believed that this will simply be a formality. The district attorney will then be instructed to create an outright ban which ‘would cover apparel made in whole or in part of fur – including clothing, handbags, shoes, hats, earmuffs, jewelry and keychains. Only used fur products could be sold.’

According to Associated Press / ABC 7: “West Hollywood’s law was changed to exempt fur from animals that are legally trapped under state law.

“Trapping is done for wildlife management. We see the impacts here with coyote for example. If you don’t control populations, you begin to have problems,” said Keith Kaplan, spokesman for the Fur Information Council of America, a trade group for manufacturers and fur merchants.

Activists condemn the fur industry as inhumane, contending that the animals are subject to brutal conditions and meet torturous deaths.

Kaplan denied the accusations and said the City Council motion is being put forward on the basis of “lies and false studies.”

“It’s about animal use. It’s about does a very small minority have the right to determine for the majority what we choose to wear, to eat, to buy? The campaigns against leather, the campaigns against wool, the campaigns against meat, are already underway,” he said.

It is believed that the new law will take approximately two years to be phased in.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

Paula Mulvanerty is a writer and busy mom of two who lives in the idyllic West of Ireland. Committed to living a natural, sustainable lifestyle, she is one of the driving forces behind My Good Planet's Product Focus, which sources and highlights ethical, environmentally-friendly items worth sharing with the world.