Global Commission on Adaptation launched to tackle climate change

The Global Commission on Adaptation is an initiative launched by Bill Gates, World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva, and South Korean politician and former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in the wake of the damning IPCC report. 

The aim of the Global Commission on Adaptation is to recruit world leaders to come together and develop a genuinely impactful strategy for dealing with and minimising the ongoing effects of climate change.

The Gates Foundation, the World Bank, and other global development influencers are appealing to financial giants, government bodies and other capable parties to become involved in a Commission to address and tackle the ongoing problem.

Extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, emissions and global warming are all high on the agenda. The Commission already consists of 28 commissioners and 17 countries, including Canada, China, Germany, the UK, India and Mexico.

The focus will also include how societies will adapt to living in hotter conditions and climates.

Without urgent adaptation and action, we risk undermining food, energy, and water security for decades to come. Adaptation action is not only the right action to do, it is the smart thing. The costs of adapting are less than the cost of doing business as usual.” – Ban Ki-moon

We are the last generation that can change the course of climate change. And we are the first generation that has to live with its consequences.” – Kristalina Georgieva

Business Insider reported that the ‘new commission is beginning a two year plan: first, they will spend approximately one year researching and developing the best ways to deal with life in a warmer world.

Next September, they’ll present their best ideas from that brainstorm at the 2019 United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Summit.

Then, begins the second “year of action,” where those ideas are put into practice around the world.’

If everyone does their part, we can reduce carbon emissions, increase access to affordable energy, and help farmers everywhere grow more productive crops.” – Bill Gates

The Commission will develop a strategy over the next year and present a plan to the 2019 United Nations climate summit. One of the most startling messages is that this is not a plan to avoid climate change, but one to adapt to it; something which was addressed directly. “For quite a while there has been that sense that if we adapt, that means we are accepting defeat against climate change,” said Georgieva. “It is not defeat, it is reality.

While we can all make our own efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, the major changes will need to come from big industries. More reports to follow.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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