Google Doodle scholarship competition is now open

The Google Doodle scholarship competition has been launched, with a little help from a well-known Muppet. 

Kermit the Frog has announced (via an impromptu appearance on Jimmy Fallon) that the 11th Google Doodle scholarship competition, known as Doodle for Google, is now underway.

Designed for students based in the United States, the competition is aimed at students of ages ranging from kindergarten to the 12th-grade.

This year’s theme is “When I grow up, I hope….” – one which immediately brings forth welcome positive emotions and a sense of looking forward to a better tomorrow.

This year’s theme is “When I grow up, I hope…” and we can’t wait to see the fantastic wishes or practical plans K-12 students come up with. Anything you dream up is fair game, whether its sky cities, teleporters, cleaner water, pizza trees, time machines, edible clouds, or Earth-cooling fans.

Today’s U.S. Doodle, incidentally, is last year’s winner, which was based on the theme “What inspires me”. A group of dinosaurs can be seen working together to create an innovative and funky animation based on Sarah’s original picture.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the work of our 2018 Doodle for Google winner on the US Google homepage: 2nd grader Sarah Gomez-Lane, who drew delightful dinosaurs to highlight her dream of becoming a paleontologist!” announced Google, “We fell in love with Sarah’s rendering of her dinos, and were blown away by her big (you might even say “dino-sized”!) ambitions for her future, especially at her young age.”

Google Doodle entries are judged on a mixture of artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication, with artwork grouped into five grade groups.

According to 9to5Google, ‘Finalists are further judged on a state-by-state basis with 53 State and Territory Winners, five National Finalists, and one National Winner. The latter wins a $30,000 scholarship while their school gets a $50,000 technology package.’

Submissions open today and last for 10 weeks until March 18th. The full rules are available here.

International competitions will be reported on as they emerge but, if you’re one of our many readers in the US, it may be time to bust out the crayons!

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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