Happy Genie – The luxury handbag made from apples

Happy Genie is an innovative new line of luxury handbags which uses an amazing (and surprising) source material; apples.

The fashion industry and environmentalists haven’t always seen eye to eye in the past. Happy Genie wish to readdress that, with their new stylish, cruelty-free, all-vegan products.

Happy Genie1

A Happy Genie Kickstarter is currently underway and the original goal has already been reached, but there is still time to get involved and to acquire one of these awesome accessories.

Tanja Schenker, designer and CEO, has been creating fashion ‘with sustainability in mind‘ for some years now. An early form of the project, entitled Genie in a Bag, was something which paved the way for the current model.

Schenker travelled the world, becoming inspired by the designs and processes which she discovered along the way. This journey led her to set about her attempt to reach her ultimate goal; high fashion with a low environmental footprint.

The process of how the bags are made is quite fascinating.

Happy Genie 2

The online response has also been phenomenal, with bloggers and campaigners alike expressing their delight at such an inspirational and aesthetically pleasing fashion line coming to the fore.

Oh Sew Vegan noted;

At just a fraction of the cost of luxury designer brands, happy genie offers affordable, and sustainable, luxury for the masses while also allowing customers to customise their bags to suit their personality. I really like the idea of being able to personalise one bag with different accessories instead of buying multiple bags which take up storage space and cost a lot of money.

I’m proud to be a backer of the happy genie brand of handbags and can’t wait to watch this company grow from strength to strength.”

Take a look at how this project came to light, and then head over to the Kickstarter project for more info and a chance to treat yourself.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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