House of Marley – the sound of a planet in harmony

House of Marley is something of a marvel. A company which has emerged from a groundbreaking musical legacy, committed to the development of outstanding sound equipment, using the proceeds to further charitable, fair trade and reforestation projects. 

Discovering House of Marley was like finding actual treasure. My Good Planet are big vinyl fans and, when we heard that there was a range of mindfully, sustainably sourced and produced audio equipment available, we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.

House of Marley was founded on Bob Marley’s vision of universal love, music and respect for the earth. 

The positive ethos of the company is evident from the offset. They’re very aware of their carbon footprint and, as a result, place a great deal of emphasis on sourcing environmentally sound, low-impact materials, as well as actively contributing towards global reforestry, having planted almost 150,000 trees to date. They’ve reused, recycled and upcycled an impressive array of materials to create a truly unique range of audio equipment; from speakers and turntables, to headphones and earbuds.

The packaging is where the difference is instantly visible. Fabric, recycled card and paper as well as organic cable ties and padding makes unwrapping any House of Marley item a zero waste fantasy. There was almost no plastic to be found in any of the packaging material which was used and that in itself set things off to a wonderful start.

The first item we decided to try was the Get Together Mini (rrp $149), a generously sized, portable Bluetooth speaker with a bamboo and organic fabric case. We’ve tested numerous portable speakers in the past year or so, giving us plenty of comparison, but the difference in quality and tone here, however, was immediately noticeable.

House of Marley Get Together Mini
The Get Together Mini contains a surprisingly powerful punch, with the bamboo and fabric material creating a full, warm sound. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

There’s an earthy craftsmanship to the House Of Marley range which makes them something that would compliment any living space. They’re a bold and definite statement feature. In short, these speakers are to be shown off, even before they’re turned on.

The warmth which radiates from the speaker completely belies its size; filling the room with an immersive audible experience, no matter what genre is preferred. It’s a sturdy, gorgeously constructed piece of engineering, making it a talking point within the room, as opposed to a uniformly metallic item of bland functionality.

The range of connectivity is both a relief and a massive plus point, as some speakers cut out if the connected device is moved even a few feet away. The distance capability from player to device is a key strength to the Get Together Mini’s usability appeal. Over the course of several days, it didn’t cut out or drop its connection once, which is a lot more than can be said for many of the other (often more expensive) Bluetooth speakers on the market.

House of Marley have rather ingenuously made their devices compatible. We linked the Stir It Up turntable (rrp $199) with the Get Together Mini and were amazed with how sharp and clear it sounded. For those lacking in space, or looking for a more portable vinyl setup, this could be a remarkable solution for both.

The turntable, by the way, is an absolute work of art. One of the most beautifully crafted and engineered models we have seen to date.

House of Marley MGP
The Stir It Up Turntable accompanied with the Get Together Mini made for a superb micro setup, which is perfect for those vinyl lovers who are short on space or working on a budget. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

Trying out a range of styles and formats on the player allowed us to get a sense of the dexterity of the speaker, as well as the audible impact of the turntable. We tested it out on a separate amplifier and speaker setup too, just for confirmation of its strengths, and the results were equally impressive.

The softness of the turntable is balanced against a powerful, belt driven design which reduces the resonance that plastic and metallic cases can produce. For a turntable of this price range, the sound quality is simply outstanding.

There’s a ritual to playing records; a tangible activity in a digital world – something that causes time to slow down and allows punctuation to occur within a hectic and nonstop modern lifestyle.

The House of Marley audio equipment adds an extra element of grace to that ritual.

Get Together Mini My Good Planet
The Get Together Mini is so robust and sturdy that it’ll make any user reassess their portables from here on in. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

The Marley family are deeply involved with the company, with Bob Marley’s son Rohan being one of the primary ambassadors, along with the music legend’s grandchildren; Eden, Selah, Nico and Skip Marley.

The House of Marley is the embodiment of the Marley family philosophy, legacy and way of life. It’s about the importance of giving back. We will continue to do things in a responsible and sustainable way. How we treat nature and the earth. What you give to the earth is what it will provide for you.” – Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley and company ambassador

The subtle branding on the speakers and turntable make these an undeniably iconic acquisition for any true music lover. It’s a joy that the functionality and capability of the equipment is on an equal par with the sumptuous aesthetic.

Stir It Up Turntable My Good Planet
The bamboo casing of the turntable is aesthetically complimentary to any contemporary living space. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

Using the hashtag #MaterialsMatter the company have been making a huge impact online, spreading their message of hope for a better world. With the My Good Planet emphasis on ‘Buy Less, Buy Better‘, it goes without saying that we’ve found a brand for life within the House of Marley range.

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Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

Director and Executive Editor

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